String Quartet For 4 Turntables - live performance

by Raz Mesinai

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    Professional C-30 cassete with unique silkscreen print by Carla Filipe
    Limited edition of 15
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"Hi, just want to clarify something about my "String Quartet For 4 Turntables". This is only one performance of many, of a piece that I wrote, recorded and pressed very precisely onto vinyl for people to perform their own versions of the piece on turntables in whichever way they feel works. Each side is one instrument, and the bands are bowings. That's why the vinyl record IS the score, and costs what it does, just like a score costs, but the digital recording is a recording of ONE performance of the score and is not the score. The crackle on the recording is not a plugin or some trendy esthetic, it is crackle from destroying the records themselves, which are, again, a score that I produced and composed and had mastered and pressed at Sterling Sound to create this piece. The original piece was composed as a commission from Lincoln Center in 2000 thanks to Erica Dell Zielinski and performed by Dj Olive and Toshio Bing Kajiwara".

_Raz Mesinai


released May 5, 2016

1 part of 4 :
full parts available only on tape



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